"We're restoring lost hope to a very special community."

~ Pearson Wright / Founder and Project Manager of POTCO MC (Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Minecraft Edition)


Server Address/IP: play.piratesmc.net


Welcome to Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Minecraft, the only project fully focused on the Pirates online community, with one goal in sight; to finally quench the thirst of the devoted members of our community who so earnestly yearn for POTCO's return! We provide a 100% free, competitive, family~friendly, active, and hands~on gaming experience solely for former POTCO players.

Are you ready to relive the legend? All of the islands on POTCO as well as several new islands, fully customizable ships and outfits, better loot, more enemies, guilds and several new guild ranks, as well as guild bases, notoriety levels, and skill levels, and much, much more!

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POTCO MC: (Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Minecraft) is proud to be a certified SSL Minecraft server, with a 100% safe, and successful transaction rate. We ensure that you'll be able to enjoy playing on our server, and rest easy knowing that your personal information won't fall into the wrong hands.